Artist Statement

Born in Minneapolis, I have always lived in the Midwest, my home being Omaha, Nebraska. A desire to become an artist started early on while painting at the kitchen table with my grandmother. I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist influenced by artists Willem De Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell and Hans Hoffman.  

I move from one subject to the next: architectural, figural, landscape, or purely abstract.  My process is tactile, intuitive, and flowing.  Believing that art evokes emotion through color, I use rich mediums of oil paint, oil sticks, livestock markers, fabric dye, and encaustic wax on canvas and wood.  I view my studio as a sacred space:  "It is my alone time when I construct a world as I want it to be.  I feel vulnerable yet empowered while painting; when I feel strong, I am aware of my weaknesses, when I feel weak I grasp onto my strength."