Figural Work

Kristae's abstract figures are a reflection of emotion and vulnerability on canvas and wood using the rich mediums of fabric dye, oil paint, oil sticks and encaustic wax


Painting directly on wood folding screens, Kristae creates architecturally focused landscapes that do more that divide a space, they complete the room.


The more abstract a representational, organic, or architectural work is, the more real it becomes!


An Artist's Inspiration. . . .

"I cannot be so many things . . . cannot be something for everyone . . . woman, beautiful, artist, wife, housekeeper, cook, saleslady, all these things. I cannot even be myself or who I am. . ."     -

Sculptor -Eva Hesse (1936 - 1970)

 "When I am in my studio it is the time I can totally be who I am and want to be!"  Kristae