Abstract Work

Kristae creates Abstact Abstract works on linen and canvas with fabric dye, oil paint, and oil sticks.  Recently experimenting with Encaustic wax!


Painting directly on wooden folding screens, Kristae creates architecturally focused landscapes that do more that divide a space, they complete the room.


Looking back on the last two decades of work.


An Artist's Inspiration. . . .

"I cannot be so many things . . . cannot be something for everyone . . . woman, beautiful, artist, wife, housekeeper, cook, saleslady, all these things. I cannot even be myself or who I am. . ."     - Eva Hesse

I relate to Eva Hesse's statement on many levels.  It is when I am alone in my studio that I can fully express myself while painting.  I often experience a concentration that blocks out everything else . . . .